Alexander Kosolapov Capitalo-Coco Paintings

Born in 1943 in Moscow, Alexander Kosolapov is a painter and sculptor who exiled to New York in 1975. Currently exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London, his works combine the graphic references of his homeland to those of his homeland adoption. USSR and US, Communism and Capitalism, Propaganda and Marketing …

He explains, “I have always been attracted by social and informational products. I like posters, advertisements, comics, political slogans. I use this shared language of modern mass culture addressed to the anonymous viewer … All these elements are reflected in my SOTSART “.

Lenin and Coca-Cola: “Coca-Cola: the authentic – Lenin”

Politics, economics, but religion as well, Alexander Kosolapov picks up everything that makes people nice in this world:

“This is my Body”

“This is my blood”

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