Already mentioned on this blog for being the unfortunate victim of the grip of Vinnie Jones , Paul Gascoigne (aka Gazza), it’s a bit like the English Diego Maradona. Considered to be the best time midfielder of the time, he wore the national football jersey 57 times, as well as Newcastle, Tottenham, Lazio and club Rangers. His time was the time when Chris Waddle was also evolving, with whom he shared a good taste:

The analogy with the God Diego Armando is not limited to his performances on the ground, Gazza has also made cabbage leaves of British cabbage because of its repeated excesses. He is rather alcohol that has earned him incessant round trips in rehab. But apparently, he was still not against a little piquouse from time to time to help him boost himself, like here before the final of the Cup against Arsenal in 1991:

“I took two injections last night, because I could not sleep. “

“Uuuhhh!  (Literal translation is Geordie, a dialect of the North of England)

Like Waddle, he will also try the song for our greatest happiness. In Fog on the Tyne , he recalls his youth on the banks of the Tyne, in the suburbs of Newcastle: beers, sausages, cops, bastons … A guy like that.

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